Tired of the same old menus and ideas from the countries hotels, your products, staff and customers deserve more. The team at Spitting Pig BBQs can offer you high quality catering for groups of 7 to 5000 - formal or informal catering with experienced staff and high quality catering using Irelands finest ingredients and Ideas. We have worked in every county in Ireland and with some of the countries and worlds leading companies.

Corporate Hospitality Menu 1

Snack in a Roll - Great for informal gatherings. snacks food for any number of guests from 40 to 300

Corporate Hospitality Menu 2

Informal Indoor or Out door Buffet - Great for informal gatherings, disposable tableware and very cost effective, especially for larger numbers

Corporate Hospitality Menu 3

More formal indoor or outdoor buffet , your Choice of meat with a selection of salads and a potato option

Corporate Hospitality Menu 4

Formal Indoor or Outdoor Buffet - Good for any formal gathering. Real tableware with waiting staff

Corporate Hospitality Menu 5

Formal Sit-Down Event - A great way of providing a cost-effective dinner service with excellent food. very cost effective for large gatherings