Hogmaster Range

Hogmaster Range
Hog Roast €2595  
Spit Roast €3395  
Hog and Spit Roast €3850  
Optional Extras
Hog Roast Tray €485  
BBQ Plates €450  
Chicken Spit €495  
Motor €495  
Machine Covers €150  


180cm long, 55cm wide, 70cm high to top of the lid, 95 cm to top of the spit roast
serving arms. Weight 90 kilos.
Gas Rate 0.24 KGH, Heat Input Gross 6.5KW GM/H 465,
Motor 240v 60 watts 50 HZ R.P.M. 6
Gas Supply pressure 37 mbar
Body of machine is stainless steel.
Stainless steel door.
Four large castors one with steering.
This is a very tough hard working hog roaster. It will last for years with very little
maintenance and will still look as good in years to come. This machine is built to
work hard and last.
The machine is very easy to manoeuvre with its 4 large castors.
Spit Roast.
Will cook up to a 70 kilo pig head off, or 60 kilo head on. Cooking time 1 hour for
every 10 kilos of pig.
Hog Roast
Will cook up to a 75 kilo pig head on, or 85 kilo pig head off, and two boned and
rolled legs and 150 jacket potatoes at the same time.